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Acoustic Music & Singer-Songwriter

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The Mobile Recording Service is very extensive and offers you the opportunity to enable high-quality, high-resolution mobile sound recording in various situations. So you can record your concert, stream it live or realize a band recording on site.

3D audio recordings for a thrilling immersive sound experience complete the offer.

The mixing process gives your music an individual character and creates a high-quality, captivating, three-dimensional sound experience with great attention to detail.

My expertise will help you to make your songs appear vivid and emotional.

With the HD live stream, you can listen to the mixing process from anywhere in the world to make your songs perfect.

The final touch is the premium mastering service for your songs. Your music is prepared for radio, streaming, CD or vinyl without losing its musicality and dynamics.

Your music is optimized in such a way that it sounds really good from small mono loudspeakers to sophisticated hi-fi systems.

This service is officially certified for Apple Digital Mastering.

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Schwarz Washed Wand
André Kunz - composer, musicans, guitarist, entrepreneur

 «Björn Müller has the work ethic to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve the best result possible and to make that magic happen.
Truly a master of his craft»

Schwarz Washed Wand

 «It is always a great pleasure to work with Björn Müller – because the delicacy and attentiveness that characterize him as a person flow seamlessly into his work: Björn seeks the best possible result, without haste, but with dedication and utmost precision and professionalism. Our collaboration is based on great trust.»

Schwarz Washed Wand
Endo Anaconda -
Stiller Has

"«I can rely on Björn Müller. I can trust him with my voice and the sound of the band, no matter how challenging the situation is. He knows his stuff and it's a real pleasure to work with him, it's fun! Björn- Again»

Schwarz Washed Wand

"«Björn Müller is a wonderfull sound engineer. We worked very closly together and created a beautiful CD production. I really can recommend Björn to work with.»


Review André Kunz
Review Baenz Friedli
Bänz Friedli -
writer and comedian, Zurich
Review Endo Anaconda - Stiller Has
Review Nicole Johänntgen
Nicole Johänngten - saxophonist, composer, entrepreneur
Portrait Björn Müller


My name is Björn Müller and I founded BM Audio - Mixing & Mastering Studios in 2005. As a senior sound engineer, I personally take care of your music, because customer satisfaction is my greatest goal.

I am an award winning engineer specialized in acoustic music, offering a worldwide premium service for acoustic music and



As a trained recording, mixing & mastering engineer with over 20 years of professional experience and basic music education,

I do my best to make your songs sound outstanding.


The musicians and artists I work with really appreciate the professional and personal work, the personable approach, the good hearing as well as the high level of expertise and reliability. I also take enough time for you, your story and your music, because that's what it's all about.


I also offer the mixing & mastering session online, via HD live stream for artists and bands from all over the world.

How can I help you?



Fill out the form if you want a quote for your project.

For general questions you can write me an  email.

I'm looking forward to your message!

Thanks for your massage!

BM Audio - Mixing & Mastering Studios

Aarestrasse 31

CH-5013 Niedergösgen


Studio Phone: +41 62 849 00 53

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